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To carry out the drying operation in proper manner and to avoid the cross contamination of the granules.
Cleaning Materials
Cleaning Agent : Water
Cleaning equipment : lint free duster, nylon scrubber
Method of Cleaning
Procedure for Product to product change over
Clean the body of the drier and plenum with a dry clean duster. Then wipe it with a duster soaked in 0.1% teepol solution followed by a duster soaked in water.

Detach finger bag from hook by opening perplex windows in the retarding chamber

Unclamp the fixing bolts of retarding chamber & allow it to rest on the trolley. Take out trolley along with the finger bag and retarding chamber.

Remove the finger bag & bowel

Dedust the individual finger chamber of finger bag & keep it in a polythene bag. Send it for laundering
Take retarding chamber along with trolley and bowl with hot water scrubbing with clean nylon scrubber. Then wash them with 0.1% teepol solution, rinsing thoroughly with hot water followed by water. In case of sticky powder use steam

Wipe out the body of FBD retarding chamber, trolley & bowl by using a clean dry lint free duster. Further dry by running FBD at 70°C (without material) for 15 minutes.

Fix the laundered finger bag in a metallic hanger around the retarding chamber. Clamp the retarding chamber on the body with the fixing bolts. Lift the bottom of FBD and seal the trolley with bowl to the retarding chamber.
For Batch to Batch change over
Clean the body of the driers & plenum with dry duster
Clean the interior surface of the retarding chamber bowl with a clean dry duster
Clean the interior surface of the retarding chamber bowl, trolley.
De-dust the fingers of the finger bag.
If the cleaned FBD is not used with in 24 hours after cleaning or there are signs of dust or powder settled on FBD, then dedust the bowl retarding chamber & body by using a freshly laundered lint free duster.
Cleaning schedule
During every product & batch change over
Status label
Replace the “To be Cleaned” status label with “Cleaned and Ready for Use” label

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