Saturday, September 20, 2008


To carry out the blending operation in a good condition, good operation procedure should be followed.
Ensure that the “Cleaned and Ready for Use” status label is present on the equipment.
During loading and unloading use gloves elbow size
Operating Procedure
Place the label containing the Name of the product, Batch No & Batch size over the equipment
Adjust the angle of the blender with the help of moving wheel to a required position for convenience in loading of materials.
Open the lid and load the materials from the container into the blender as per the sequence given in BMR, close the lid, put the safety pin on the lid by moving the wheel in clock wise direction.
Caution : Put the safety guard before commencementof the operation. Cover the area below the blender with polybags.
Switch ON the equipment & start the blending of material as per the time specified in the BMR
After the completion of blending switch OFF the instrument
Remove the poly bag and guard
Adjust the position of the blender at the said angle for convenience in unloading the materials.
Unlock the safety pin and remove the lid from the blender
Unload the blended materials
Status label
Place the “To be Cleaned” status label over the equipment

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