Saturday, September 20, 2008


To carry out the drying operation in an ordered sequence and to avoid untoward effects.
Operating Procedure
Check and certify that area and equipment are clean and suitable for starting the operation
Ensure that main switch is in “OFF” position before dismantling FBD for loading
Unclamp the fixing bolts of retarding chamber and allow it to rest on the trolley, take out the trolley along with the retarding chamber.
Check and certify the suitability of the clean finger bag
Fix the finger bag in a steel hanger, fix the loops of the finger to the hooks of the shaker
Place the bag in between the retarding chamber and fluidization chamber.
Clamp the retarding chamber on the body with fixing bolts
Load the bowl with material to be dried.
Place the product uniformity in the bowl to avoid lumps
Move the product bowl below the retarding chamber keeping the window in viewing position.
Position the bowl
Lift the bottom of the FBD by moving the jack handle to the opposite side and seal the trolley to the retarding chambers.
Check and ensure that there is no leakage
Set the timer and switch on heating and fluidization, maintaining the desired inlet air temperature.
Stop drying at intervals of specified in BMR and dedust the finger bag by shaking it.
Take out trolley and take the granules to avoid formation of lumps.
Watch the fluidization flow through the Perspex window
Continue heating till required outlet air temperature is achieved. Dry if mentioned in BMR
Put off the heater and bring the timer to zero.
Un loading
After drying is complete put off the main switch
Shake the finger load vigorously and de-dust retarding chamber.
Unlock and withdraw the board.
Status Label
Once the drying operation is over display the “To Be Cleaned” Status label

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