Sunday, September 21, 2008


1. Objective:
To lay down a standard procedure for Sterile Dress Washing and Sterilization.
2. Scope:
This procedure provides standard guidelines for Sterile Dress Washing and Sterilization.
3. Responsibility:
¯ Supervisor - House keeping.
¯ Chemist – Production.
¯ Head – Production.
4. Procedure:
4.1. Put the Sterile dress to be washed and sterilized, in plastic dress bin.
4.2. Washed with detergent powder followed by water. Finally washed with 0.1% Disinfectant.
4.3. Dry the washed dress in sun light and fold the dried dress.
4.4. Keep all the folded dress in SS Bins. Move the lid and keep open the holes.
4.5. Load the SS Bins into the Steam heat sterilizer and carry out the sterilization as per the standard procedure.
4.6. While unloading the box, keep close the holes by moving the lid. Then keep the dress bin in the second air lock which is ready for use.

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