Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exit Procedure - Annexure Y

To lay down a procedure for exit from,
1) Secondary packing halls.
2) Secondary packing material store.
3) Finished goods stores.
Applicable to all the personnel who are leaving the areas mentioned in objective.
Concerned person.
Workmen(T)/Production Associates/Technical Associates/ Jr. Technical Officers-Production officer
Executive and above-Plant Manager
5.1.0 Precautions
5.2.0 Exit procedure.
5.1.0 Precautions
5.1.1 Keep the slippers in the rack in orderly manner.
5.1.2 Every alternative day / Product change over / Whenever necessary put the dress in the bin marked as uniform for cleaning.
5.1.3 Do not dump the removed uniform in the locker, which is to be used next day.
5.1.4 Fold the dress gently and keep it in the locker.
5.1.5 Do not cross the bench with the primary dress.
5.1.6 Entry of gents into ladies change rooms or vice-versa is strictly prohibited.
5.2.0 Exit procedure
5.2.1 Enter primary change room through external corridors.
5.2.2 Remove your slippers and keep them in slipper rack in an orderly manner.
5.2.3 Remove the headgear, shirt and trouser.
5.2.4 Place them in the locker and lock it.
5.2.5 Cross the step over bench by sitting on it (Do not jump over the bench)
5.2.6 Put on the street clothes.
5.2.7 Put on the footwear.
5.2.8 Collect ornaments or any other personal belongings from your locker identified by your code number and lock it.
5.2.9 Leave the change room.

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