Friday, October 31, 2008

Maintenance of dies and punches.

To lay down a procedure for maintenance of dies and punches.
Module –2,3,4
Concerned operator.
Production officer.
5.1 Get required number of punches and dies from Quarantine and make necessary entries in punches and dies stock card and get it checked by production officer.
5.2 Transfer the required punches and dies to the compression area.
5.3 Remove punches from plastic cover and wipe out the oil adhering to the punches and dies.
5.4 Set up and fix punches and dies as per the SOP of compression machine change over operation.
5.5 If any abnormal sound is observed during compression, immediately stop the compression machine to avoid punches and dies damage and inform production officer.
5.6 Examine critically the punches and dies, remove the damaged punches and dies if any from the machine and replace them.
5.7 Remove the punches and dies after the compression.
5.8 Clean thoroughly the punches and dies with lint free duster.
5.9 Smear the punches with oil and put inside the plastic covers.
5.10 Count and keep separately the upper and lower punches and dies in separate boxes.
5.11 Make necessary entries in stock card and transfer to the punches and dies storage area.
5.12 Get the signature in the stock card by production officer.

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