Friday, October 31, 2008

Procedure for defoiling of blisters / strips

To lay down a procedure for defoiling of blisters / strips.
All primary packing halls.
Concerned operator.
Production officer.
5.1 Use clean gloves during defoiling of strips / blisters.
5.2 Cut, rejected strips by using scissors without damaging tablets / capsules over polythene bag lined SS Trays .
5.3 Remove tablets / capsules by hand from cut strips/blisters.
5.4 Sort out good tablets by removing foil pieces and broken tablets / damaged capsules.
5.5 Collect tablets with black particles, oil stains and put them in a bag labelled as “TO BE DESTROYED “.
5.6 Put all Recoverable tablets / capsules in a new polythene bag, properly labelled and tied with nylon thread, and keep in a HDPE container. Put the RR’s label on the container.
5.7 Get the quantity of sorted tablets checked by two production officers or by Quality Assurance officer .
5.8 Pack separately such defoiled, sorted tablets at the end of the batch and indicate in B.P.R shipper weighing log along with the shipper number as “PACKED WITH DEFOILED, SORTED TABLETS”.
5.9 In case it is not packed in the same order. Keep them in double polythene bag and tie with nylon thread, in a HDPE container with proper label containing all details.
5.10 Put all scrap in a poly bag label it and send it for disposal.
5.11 Procedure for defoiling by using deblistering machine.
5.10.1. Set the de-blistering machine for a particular product .
5.10.2.Clean the machine and check for traces of previous product get it counter checked by concerned Junior technical officer visually.
5.10.3. Switch “ON” the machine.
5.10.4 De-blister the rejected blisters.
5.10.5 Follow the procedure given in 5.4 - 5.10 points.
5.10.6 Record the details in respective B.P.R.

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