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To provide an authorised procedure for destruction of the used media.
2.0 SCOPE :
This procedure is applicable for discarding and destruction of the used media in microbiology department.
Microbiologist QC
4.1.0 :
List of Media and glassware for destruction.
Used culture tubes with media and cultures.
Glassware and cultures used for staining.
Glassware contaminated with positive cultures.
Media used for environmental , water, rawmaterials, intermediates, finished products, packing materials, and packing materials microbial analysis.
Bio-assay plates.
4.1.1 :
On completion of microbiological analysis load all the glassware with media to be discarded to the destruction autoclave.
4.1.2 The disposable petriplates with media should be loaded for destruction to the destruction autoclave.
4.1.3 Glassware and disposable petriplates should be loaded in a separate SS vessels.
4.1.4 After loading close the lid of the autoclave and operate the autoclave for holding time 20minutes at 15 lbs pressure and 121°C temperature.
4.1.5 After sterilisation put off the instrument and allow the pressure to release to zero.
4.1.6 After completion of sterilisation cycle collect the destructed media and disposable plates to a polybag and discard in scrap yard.
4.1.7 The glass ware should be soaked in disinfectant for 30 minutes wash with water and dry in the hot air oven.
4.1.8 The details like materials loaded, holding time, pressure , date Sign are documented in log book.
4.1.9 Use hand gloves, safety goggles and nosemask are essential while destruction of media.
4.2.0 Method validation
The used media with product or positive culture is destructed by sterilisation.
Transfer aseptically 2 loopful of destructed media to a sterile 100ml SCD.Broth and incubated at 37°Cfor 48 to 72 hours.
At the end of incubation ,the growth or turbidity should be absent.
If the growth is absent the destruction method is valid.
4.2.1 Frequency for destruction method validation:
Once in 6 months.

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