Thursday, October 9, 2008


1.0 Purpose :
This SOP provides an authorised procedure for operating and
cleaning of an Autoclave
2.0 Scope :
This procedure applicable to Vertical Autoclave used for media and
Culture destruction in microbiology department.
(Identification number)
3.0 Responsibility :
Microbiologist QC , Q.C.Manager.
4.0 Procedure :
4.1.1 Ensure that the equipment is clean.
4.1.2 Connect the equipment to the main power supply.
4.1.3 Open valve and fill with purified water up to the indicator level.
4.1.4 Loosen the butterfly knobs and lift up the lid of the autoclave using leg operated paddle and slide it on its one side.
4.1.5 Load the items to be destructed and close the lid and tighten any two opposite knobs evenly until cover is securely fastened
4.1.6 Switch on the autoclave.
4.1.7 Allow the pressure to reach upto 5 lbs, then open the pressure valve and release the vapour along with the water droplets.
4.1.8 Close the pressure release valve allow the pressure to reach upto 15 to 18 lbs and it maintains the pressure range constantly by safety valve.
4.1.9 Allow the process till the validated time required for destruction.
4.1.10 After sterilisation, as per the holding time the autoclave switch OFF.
4.1.11 Open the safety valve to release the steam.
4.1.12 After the pressure gauge shows ‘0’ reading, open the lid and remove the destructed items.
4.1.13 Close the lid properly and disconnect the equipment from the power supply.
4.1.14 Enter the details in the media destruction log book.
a) Load number.
b) Autoclave holding time ( From - To).
c) Pressure ( 15lbs to 18lbs).
d) Sign.
4.2.0 Cleaning:
4.2.1 Ensure that the equipment is isolated from the power before starting the cleaning activity.
4.2.2 The outside of the autoclave should be wiped with a wet sponge and allow to dry.
4.2.3 Clean the chamber with 0.1% SLS solution using the sponge.
4.2.5 Wash thoroughly with water till it is free from the SLS and rinse with distilled water.
4.2.6 Enter the cleaning details in the log book.
4.2.7 Frequency: Once in a week.

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