Friday, October 31, 2008

Transferring of Materials from Dispensing to Module, Module to Hold area and Hold area to Primary Packing

To lay down a procedure for transfer of materials from dispensing to module, from module to hold area and to primary packing.
Module - 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Concerned production associate / operator.
Production officer
5.1 Transfer of raw materials to module
5.1.1 Ensure that all the dispensed materials are kept in labelled in-process containers (IPC).
5.1.2 Clean the IPC wheels with lint free duster before transferring.
5.1.3 Transfer the IPC to module raw material hold room with batch document.
5.2 Transfer of material from module to hold area (Quarantine).
5.2.1 Ensure that all HDPE drums are properly labelled and are clean from outside.
5.2.2 Transfer all HDPE drums containing materials in an SS trolley from module air lock to quarantine with batch document.
5.2.3 Keep drums separately lot wise and keep batch document on the top of drums.
5.2.4 Keep recoverable residues drums separately.
5.2.5 Make necessary entries in hold area stock card and get it checked by production officer.
5.3 Transfer of recoverable residues to module for recovery.
5.3.1 Check the weight of recoverable residues both from manufacturing and packing areas.
5.3.2 Whenever required transfer recoverable residues drums to module for recovery.
5.3.3 Make necessary entries in hold area card and get it signed by production officer.
5.4 Transfer of material from quarantine to primary packing.
5.4.1 Transfer the material as per work order on SS trolley to the respective packing area.
5.4.2 Make necessary entries in the hold area stock card and get it signed by production officer.
5.4.3 Weigh the packing recoverable residues and enter in the hold area stock card and keep separately with proper labelling.

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