Monday, November 3, 2008

Calibration of balances version II

Procedure for calibration of balances / weighing scales.
2.1.0 Areas
2.1.1 Dispensing areas, modules, hold areas, packing halls, raw material stores and secondary packing stores.
Junior technical officer / technical associate.
Officer / executive.
5.1.0 Precautions.
5.2.0 Reasons for zero error and rectification.
5.3.0 Calibration of standard weights.
5.4.0 Operation.
5.5.0 Shut down.
5.1.0 Precautions
5.1.1 Use the balances for material weighing only.
5.1.2 Keep the load weight in the center of the balance.
5.1.3 Keep the balances on firm base.
5.1.4 Keep the balances at a fixed place (don’t change the place of the balances as and when required)
5.2.0 Reasons for zero error and rectification
5.2.1 Reasons for zero error Balance not being on level as per the spirit bulb. Due to mechanical or electronic defect. Platform not being clean. Some extraneous matter hampering the smooth operation of the platform spring.
5.2.2 Rectification Check the spirit level, rectify if necessary. Check the cleanliness of the balance.. Put on the balance. Ensure that there is no zero error in the balance.
5.3.0 Calibration of standard weights
5.3.1 One set of weights shall be calibrated from weights and measures department, Government of Andhra Pradesh. (Frequency : Once in a year) and calibration certificates from the department to be displayed near the balance.
5.3.2 Refer these weights as standard weights.
5.3.3 Reject these operational standard weights as and when found defective and replace with a new calibrated weights.
5.4.0 Operation
5.4.1 Daily calibrate the balances at the starting of the working shift with minimum and maximum weight.
5.4.2 weekly calibrate the balances on the first working day of the week with whole range of standard weights as indicated below 5.4.4
5.4.3 Calibrate the In process balances as per the In process balance calibration SOP: xxxxx
5.4.4 Selection of standard weights for various balances.

5.4.5 Before calibration of balances, clean the weighing platforms and pans.
5.4.6 Switch on the mains.
5.4.7 Switch on the balance.
5.4.8 Calibration weight should be as per the standards given in 5.4.4 .
5.4.9 Adjust the balance to zero, with the help of spirit level by levelling screws of the balance.
5.4.10 Place the standard weights one by one on the weighing platforms / pans and check the readings. Record the readings in the calibration record (keep the weights in the centre & at 4 corners of platform).
5.4.11 If the variation is up to the least count of the balance, then it should be “ignored”.
5.4.12 Balance calibration to be cross checked by Production officer.
5.4.13 If the variation is more than the "least count " of the balance, label the balance as "out of order" and enter the status in the remarks column of Format No: xxxxx
5.4.14 "Error " must be rectified and the balance should be " calibrated “ before use and record the same.
5.4.15 Calibration sheets of all the balances to be retained up to one year.
5.5.0 Shut down
5.5.1 Switch "OFF " the balance.
5.5.2 Switch "OFF" the mains.

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