Sunday, November 16, 2008

Procedure for checking of dispensing operation (Raw material)

To lay down a procedure to check the points to be followed during dispensing operation of raw material.
Raw Material Dispensing area I & II.
Production officer.
Production Executive.
5.1 Check the following points during dispensing operation.
5.1.1 Check that materials dispensed are as per FIFO method.
5.1.2 Cross- check the values of moisture content and assay of each active ingredient against the A.R.No from SAP.
5.1.3 Check that the non – actives are dispensed first, followed by actives.
5.1.4 Ensure that double poly bags are used for dispensing.
5.1.5 Ensure dedicated marked and cleaned scoops are used for dispensing of active ingredients.
5.1.6 Ensure separate cleaned scoops are used for different non- actives.
5.1.7 Check for QC approved (Green) status label and the re-testing date on the container.
5.1.8 Check for the item description and item code on the approved label against the Manufacturing Work Order.
5.1.9 Check that the GRN No. on the approved label. Further check the under test label also matches correctly.
5.1.10 Check the gross weight of the container to be dispensed and the quantity matches with the labelled quantity.
5.1.11 Check that every container/ bag/ package is tightly closed before and after dispensing.
5.1.12 In case of loose containers, check for the weight as per the “ Loose container” label.
5.1.13 Check that the right capacity balance is used to weigh as per the required accuracy of net. Weight.
5.1.14 Check for the correctness of weight against the quantities in Manufacturing Work Order.
5.1.15 Ensure that every IPC/ Container/ Trolley is de-dusted externally before passing on to hold area / pass box respectively.
5.1.16 Ensure that the gloves used for dispensing of one active are not used for any other material.

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