Saturday, November 1, 2008

Procedure for Cleaning of Production areas between Product to Product

To lay down a procedure to keep all production areas free from traces of previous Product.
This SOP is applicable to Pharmaceutical Production Plant
Dispensing 1,2 , Module -2,3, Packing Machine rooms.
Concerned Operator
Production Officer.
5.1.0 Precautions
5.2.0 Equipments and Tools
5.3.0 Cleaning agents.
5.4.0 Disinfectants
5.5.0 Operation
5.1.0 Precautions
5.1.1 While cleaning the walls and floor do not use strong smelling detergents.
5.2.0 Equipments and Tools:
5.2.1 Vacuum cleaner
5.2.2 Scrubbing machine
5.2.3 Double bucket mopping trolley
5.2.4 Ordinary mop.
5.2.5 Roller sponge and Rod.
5.2.6 Sponge rectangular
5.2.7 Aluminium ladder of suitable size.
5.2.8 Lint free duster
5.2.9 Glass cleaning cloth
5.3.0 Cleaning agents:
5.3.1 Alklean as is
5.3.2 Window shine glass cleaner
5.3.3 No rinse hard surface cleaner as is
5.4.0 Disinfectants:
5.4.1 Jeplon - 1 part to 100 parts of water
5.4.2 Dettol H - 1 part to 100 parts of water
5.4.3 Fairgenol - 1 part to 10 parts of water.
5.5.0 Operation
5.5.1 Secondary uniforms and primary uniforms have to be changed between Product to Product change over.
5.5.2 The powder deposition from the entire areas of ceiling walls, fixtures and fittings along with the floor should be vacuumed thoroughly starting from ceiling.
5.5.3 Clean the tube light frames return air ducts,window frames, door frames and glasses by wiping with a clean duster and cleaning agent.
5.5.4 Clean the ceiling by using roller sponge rod with cleaning agent followed by disinfectant solution .
5.5.5 Clean the walls starting from ceiling by using roller sponge rod with cleaning agent followed by disinfectant solution.
5.5.6 Finally clean the entire floor with the cleaning agent followed by disinfectant solution.
5.5.7 After the entire cleaning is complete ensure that the areas are free from the traces of previous product.
5.5.8 After completing the cleaning operation clean all the cleaning equipment thoroughly and replace the vacuum cleaner bags with fresh one.
5.5.9 All these operations are carried out whenever there is Product to Product change over in respective production areas.

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