Sunday, November 2, 2008

Procedure for indent, receipt and inspection of punches

To lay down a procedure for purchase, receipt and inventory of punches and dies.
Module - 2,3,4 and Engineering stores.
Production officer / Stores officer/ Maintenance officer.
Production executive / Stores executive / Maintenance executive.
5.1 As per the requirement of punches and dies for the compression machine. Raise purchase indent with additional quantity to the extent of 20% for round shaped punches and 30% for special shaped punches.
5.2 The purchase indent should contain the following specifications :
5.2.1 Size, shape, drawing and quantity.
5.2.2 Type of tooling and name of the approved vendor.
5.3 Send authorized purchase indent to purchase department for procurement.
5.4 Check the quantity and Identity of punches and dies along with the delivery Challan after the receipt of punches by Engineering stores and verified by engineering department.
5.5 Engineering department shall check the dimensions of punches and dies with punch maintenance kit and certify for the same before issuing to the production department.
5.6 Inform the supplier if any discrepancies are found with respect to quantity , quality and specifications.
5.7 Transfer all the good punches and dies from wooden case to plastic boxes and label the box with product , punches size, shape and quantity. Keep upper punches , lower punches &dies in separate boxes.
5.8 Transfer good punches to production area on material indent request.
5.9 Check the punches & dies received from Engineering stores and keep them in punches and dies storage area.
5.10 Immediately make necessary entries in punches and dies stock card.
5.11 Make necessary entries in stock card if the punches and dies got damaged during compression.
5.12 Send all damaged punches and dies to engineering department for reshaping and disposal.

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