Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Procedure for Issue and Handling of Packing Work Order

To lay down a procedure for Issue and handling of Packing work order.
This SOP is applicable to Formulations unit.
Executive - Planning.
Manager - Production Planning and Inventory Control.
5.1. Packing work order is to be issued 72 hours in advance to production after completion of the day wise Packing schedule for the commencing month ensure that all the packaging materials are available.
5.2 Enter the details in the Batch Number control register and serial number control register before issue of the Packing work order.
5.3 Separate Packing work order to be issued in case the same batch quantity to be packed for sales, Physician Samples or Exports.
5.4. Take Print out of Packing work order in two copies. First copy for Production, second copy for stores.
5.5 The Packing work order to be duly signed and issued by Planning Executive.
5.6 Handover the authorized Packing work order to Officer / Executive - Production and take his signature in the Batch number control register against received column.
5.7 Executive - Production to check the work order with the product manual copy and sign against checked by column and send to stores for dispensing of materials.
5.8 After receipt of work order from production, stores officer to check whether the work order is authorized by concerned persons and check for availability of materials as per work order.
5.9 Stores officer to organize for dispensing and note all the entries in relevant column of work order and retain stores copy and send balance copies to production along with dispensed materials.
5.10. In case of cancellation of packing work order after issue to Production before dispensing, it is to be returned to the Planning and to be recorded in the Batch Number control register .
5.11. In exigencies, if a work order is to be re-issued, it is to be recommended by Quality Assurance Department and authorized by Manager - Production Planning and Inventory Control.

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