Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Procedure for Preparation of Materials Requirement Plan

To laydown a Procedure for Preparation of Materials Requirement Plan
This SOP is applicable to Formulations unit
Executive - Planning.
Manager -Production Planning and Inventory Control.
5.1 After finalizing the production plan for current and next four months, convert the same into No. of batches.
5.2 Enter No. of batches into software in computer.
5.3 Generate the statement of materials requirement for next 5 months.
5.4 Enter the material requirements in the relevant columns of MRP.
5.5 Collect opening stocks at the beginning of the month for all Raw and packing materials from warehouse and enter the same in Material Requirement Plan statement.
5.6 Collect the under test and rejected materials information from warehouse and enter in the Materials Requirement Plan statement as on the day of preparation.
5.7 Take print out of Materials Requirement Plan and check again for correctness of entries.
5.8 Get Materials Requirement Plan duly authorized by Manager - Production Planning and Inventory Control and send one copy to Manager - Materials and copies to all the concerned.
5.9 Inform Bulk drugs requirements current and next 3 months to GM Purchases
5.10 Contact purchase Dept. and get the expected date of supply for the critical materials mentioned in MRP.
5.11 Check the suitability of material expected dates with daily production schedule for critical materials.
5.12 If any material required in advance w.r.t production schedule, inform the same immediately to purchase department and do follow-up and arrange material as per production requirement.

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