Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Procedure for preparation of Monthly Production Plan

To lay down a procedure for preparation of monthly production plan.
This SOP is applicable to Formulations unit.
Executive - Planning.
Manager - Production Planning and Inventory Control.
5.1 Receive rolling sales forecasts for current and next three months from marketing department, Bulk drugs marketing, CIS exports marketing and non-CIS exports marketing around 8th of every month. Also receive opening stocks for the month at Consignment Sales Agents, around 8th of every month from Marketing Department.
5.2 Prepare a statement for opening stocks at the beginning of the month by taking into account Depot and Finished Goods Bonded Stores.
5.3 Enter opening stocks, marketing requirements in the relevant columns of software in computer and ascertain quantity to be packed for the next five months as per inventory policy.
5.4 Note the opening work in process stocks in the relevant column of monthly production plan. Then enter domestic sales quantities to be packed, Physician’s samples quantities if any and Export order quantities to be packed.
5.5 Calculate total quantity to be packed and check the same with opening work in process for availability of tablets on hand. If total quantity of tablets available under bulk form under work in process , no need to plan for manufacturing. If some quantity falls under shortage, plan for manufacturing to the nearest number of batches and calculate expected end work in process as follows :
Ope.WIP + Mfg.Qty. - Pkg.Qtys = C.B of WIP
5.6 Ensure that, expected closing balance of finished goods stock and expected closing balance of work-in-process stocks not to cross maximum stock level as per inventory policy.
5.7 Discuss the draft monthly plan with Module captains and Assistant - Manager Production.
5.8 After finalization of monthly production plan, prepare a detailed production program Schedule for each operation for the entire month, keeping inview of material availability and machine capacity in Co-ordination with Production Executives.
5.9 After finalization of monthly plan, get it thoroughly checked and authorized by Manager - Production Planning and Inventory Control.
5.10 Take copies of authorized plan and circulate to all the concerned executives.
5.11 Discuss with the concerned production executives and freeze the production program for the current month.
5.12 Circulate copies of day wise production schedule to all the concerned
5.13 If any modification to be incorporated in the production plan, it is to be authorized by Senior Vice President - Formulations Manufacturing.

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