Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Procedure for Sanitization of Purified Water Supply Loop

5.1.1 Ensure that ‘SANITIZE UF’ selector switch is in ‘OFF’ position.
5.1.2 Ensure availability of steam in P19. Also ensure availability of air supply.
5.2.1 Place selector switch sanitize/normal in ‘SANITIZE MODE’.
5.2.2 Place ‘SANITIZE LOOP’ selection switch in on position.
5.3.1 Fill up the TO2 with 800 ltrs of water.
5.3.2 After which close V23 and open V24 (UF in recirculation) mode.
5.3.3 Open valves V63, V64 and V66.
5.3.4 Ensure V50 & V51 are closed.
5.3.5 By pass UV2: To Bypass UV2 open V 44 & V 45 and close V 42 &
V 43.
5.3.6 Take P.H.E on line by closing valve V48 and opening V49 & V53.
5.3.7 Ensure all the valves of point of usages in DP1 to DP17 are closed.
5.3.8 Start P2 by pressing start P2 push button.
5.3.9 Press sanitization start push button.
On pressing ‘SANITIZATION START’ push button TCV1 opens permitting steam in P.H.E. TSLC2 is set to 82°c and TSHC2 is set to 85°c. As soon as it reaches TSHC2, TCV1 closes and simultaneously timer is triggered which is set to 30 minutes. At this juncture the actual sanitization starts. During this period TCV1 will open or close, whenever the temperature decreases or increases the limits (TSLC2 and TSHC2). After the timer time is elapsed (30minutes) TCV1 will close whatever condition it is in at that time and KV3 will open to TO2 permitting fresh water in tank. Also KV4 will open to drain. This will last for five minutes. After this ‘SANITIZATION START’ lamp goes ‘OFF’ and pumps P2/P3 will trip, thus ending the sanitization cycle.
5.4.1 Place ‘sanitize loop’ selector switch in off position and sanitize/normal selector in normal position. Now the system is ready for use.

Note: Users should Name the Valves as per their DQ

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