Saturday, November 15, 2008

Procedure for Setup, Operation & Cleaning of Jet cleaner

To lay down a Procedure for Setup, Operation & Cleaning of Jet cleaner.
Module – 1,2,3,4&5.
Operator Concerned.
Officer / Executive - Production
5.1 Precautions
5.2 Setup
5.3 Operation.
5.4 Cleaning
5.5 Shut down.
5.1 Precautions
5.1.1 Ensure the wheels of Jet cleaner are moving freely.
5.1.2 Never switch ‘ON’ the heater without water.
5.1.3 Remove the power plug from the socket before cleaning.
5.2 Setup
5.2.1 Switch on the mains.
5.2.2 Close the outlet valves of water tanks.
5.3 Operation
5.3.1 Fill both the tanks with potable water and cover with lids.
5.3.2 Ensure the level of water in tanks, is not up to the brim.
5.3.3 Switch on the heater , wait till required temperature is reached.
5.3.4 Switch OFF the heater.
5.3.5 Press the green button to start the blower.
5.3.6 Open the water outlet valve of hot water/ cold water as per the cleaning procedure.
5.3.7 Press the handle of Jet gun, facing towards the equipment surface.
5.3.8 Close the water outlet valve.
5.3.9 Press the red button to switch off the blower.
5.4 Cleaning
5.4.1 Drain out water from the tanks completely by opening the detachable SS connection clamps.
5.4.2 Wipe out the water with a dry lint free duster.
5.4.3 Clean the out surface with separate dry lint free duster.
5.4.4 Put cleaned status label and put the sign & date.
5.5 Shut down
5.5.1 Switch OFF the main power.
5.5.2 Take out the plug from the socket.

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