Saturday, November 8, 2008

Receipt and storage of Finished Goods

To lay down a procedure for Receipt and Storage of Finished Goods from production.
Finished goods ware house - Formulations Unit
Officer - Excise.
Executive - Excise
5.1 Precautions
5.1.1 Goods produced during the day should be transferred to bond room daily.
5.1.2 All the products which are sensitive to be kept in cool storage area.
5.1.3 Ensure cool storage area temperature should be maintained below 25° .
5.1.4 Cool storage area temperature to be recorded twice a day
5.2 All the finished goods received from production to be accompanied by transfer note.
5.3 Finished goods Transfer Note to be prepared by Production officer and same is to be counter signed by Quality Assurance department after inspection of the packing.
5.4 Finished goods should be arranged upon the pallets up to a height of 3 feet and arrangement should be equal.
5.5 After receiving the stocks from production to be transferred to under test area till QA approval (Yellow colour racks).
5.6 After clearance given by QA all stocks to be transferred to released area . (Green colour rack).
5.7 All products received from production to be stored Batch wise in one rack or near by racks.
5.8 Pallets containing Finished goods should be transferred by Battery Operated Truck / Trolley up to Finished goods Store entrance.
5.9 Quantity will be verified by officer excise.
5.10 The Pallets / Trolleys containing Finished goods will be stocked in Finished goods ware house using high reach truck.
5.11 A pallet / trolley should contain only one product and of a single batch.
5.12 A sticker stating “LOOSE” to be pasted upon the shipper containing less quantity than the uniform size.
5.10 After tallying the stock as per transfer note should be entered in to RG1 Register.

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