Sunday, November 9, 2008

Transfer of Materials from Hold area to Packing Machine

To lay down a procedure for Transferring of Materials from Hold area to packing machine.
Module - 1.2 and 3.
Concerned Hold room person.
Production Officer
5.1 Transferring of Tablets / Pellets containers.
5.1.1 Before transferring the goods check the Batch Manufacturing Record(BMR) is completed in all respect.
5.1.2 As mentioned in BMR check the number of drums. Ex: If 10 / 10 is written check that all twenty containers are available.
5.1.3 Transfer the containers to a trolley
5.1.4 Ensure that respective primary packing room is free from previous batch / product.
5.1.5 Transfer the trolley to the air lock.
5.1.6 Transfer the individual containers to primary packing .
5.1.7 Ensure that all containers are transferred.
5.2 Transferring of primary packing materials.
5.2.1 Check the foils along with the packing work order.
5.2.2 Check the labels of all foils and counter sign the labels.
5.2.3 Ensure that primary packing room is free from previous batch / product.
5.2.4 Keep the foils corresponding to that batch on a trolley.
5.2.5 Take a trolley to the corresponding primary packing room air lock.
5.2.6 Transfer the packing material in the primary packing room.
5.2.7 Ensure that all the materials are transferred into the room.

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