Friday, December 26, 2008

Control on materials sent for job works

To lay down a procedure for material sent for job works and its stock accounting.
2.1.0 Raw Materials & Primary packaging materials.
Officer - Warehouse and Executive-Supply Chain Management Department.
Asst.Manager – Stores & Excise and Executive -Supply Chain Management Department.
5.1 Supply Chain Management Department will coordinate with warehouse department on job works.
5.2 Material to be sent out for job work only on the advice of Supply Chain Management Department.
5.3 The details of the material to be sent for job work such as Item description,quantity received,date of receipt,invoice number against which received & its date,quantity being sent,nature of job work,place or unit where job work is to be done,expected date of return of finished good are to be given to Excise Department (at Factory) one day in advance.
5.4 Assemble the required quantities and get cross checked by another Officer – Warehouse
5.5 Load the goods in the presence of Security Guard.
5.6 Prepare the Delivery Challan cum RGP for the material loaded in the vehicle and pass the same to excise department for preparation of Excise Invoice/Challan.
5.7 Post the entries in SAP against the job order raised by Supply Chain Management Department.
5.8 Send the truck along with Delivery Challan cum RGP,C.O.As for raw materials,Excise Invoice/Challan & Way bill to the destiny after due checking by security at material gate.
5.9 On receipt of processed goods, prepare Goods Received Note in SAP for the actual quantity received.
5.10 Prepare Goods Received Note for unprocessed returned quantity in SAP separately.
5.11 Supply Chain Management Department to raise Write-Off authorization form for wastage and scrap generated during job work.
5.12 On receipt of approved Write-Off note,post the same in SAP.
5.13 Keep track of identity, traceability and link of the total transactions till it completely gets squared up.

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