Thursday, December 18, 2008

Handling and Disposal of On-line Rejected Material

To lay down a Procedure for Disposal of on line rejections
2.1.0 Area
2.1.1 Raw & Packing Material Warehouse.
Officer - Warehouse
Asst.Manager - Warehouse
5.1 Online rejections should be received from Production on authorized documents
“ON-LINE REJECTION NOTE” only as per the Annexure-1
5.2 “ON LINE REJECTION NOTE” to be signed by Executive -Production and Executive -
Quality Assurance Departments.
5.3 Online rejected materials to be received with clear Online Rejected labels signed by the Officer - Production and Officer - Quality Assurance Departments.
5.4 The action plan regarding the remaining qty. of the particular consignment which is Online rejected ,should be clearly mentioned in the On-Line Rejection Note.
5.5 Warehouse to forward the On-Line Rejection Note to Purchase Department for suitable action within 3 days.
5.6 Less than 0.5 Kg. rolls of Blister Foil, less than 1.0 Kg. of Aluminium Foil, Strips Foil and PVC Film are not to be transferred to Warehouse as on line rejections.This should be destroyed by production it self.
5.7 On line rejected material which is returned to party as per Purchase advise is to be informed to Accounts with a copy to Purchase Department to recover the amount as they are approved and paid goods.
5.8 On receipt of instructions from Purchase, action to be completed within a month. Statement indicating the stocks to be prepared fortnightly and copies to be sent to Supply Chain Management Department.
5.9 If Quality Assurance re-approves any on line rejections for any reason Warehouse to re-issue the same on First Priority to Production with re-approval status label.
5.10 For the rejections which cannot be recovered / replaced “WRITE OFF NOTE” has to be raised by the Supply Chain Management Department.
5.11 Write-Off material to be destroyed in the presence of the Quality Assurance persons.
5.12 Any deviation in the above procedure is to be informed to the Asst.Manager – Warehouse.

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