Monday, December 22, 2008

Handling & storage of flammable Materials

To lay down a procedure for Handling and Storage of Flammable and Hazardous Materials.
Raw Material Warehouse and Solvent Yard.
Assistant / Officer / Executive - Warehouse.
Asst.Manager - Warehouse.
5.1 All the flammable items to be identified and a specific area to be allotted.
5.2 The following instructions to be strictly followed in monitoring the area.
5.2.1 The place of storage to be safe guarded by fencing to restrict the movement of people.
5.2.2 Materials to be unloaded in tankers with pipe line connections.
5.2.3 While unloading the material, they are to be handled properly . for example pressurized drums to be unloaded with the help of tyres to avoid blasting due to sudden impact.
5.2.4 No live wires to be passed through the area where inflammable materials can be exposed to the sparks.
5.2.5 No smoking in the area is allowed.
5.2.6 The material is to be completely tightened with lids and the drums to be covered with tarpaulin.
5.2.7 Pipe line valves to be closed whenever they are not in use.
5.2.8 At high temperatures to reduce heat the tarpaulin covers to be made wet with water twice daily.
5.2.9 To fight against fire uncertainities, suitable fire extinguishers and sand buckets near the area to be provided.
5.2.10 Do not store Hydrochloric Acid inside the Warehouse.

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