Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Material receipt - Security Inward

To lay down a Procedure for Material receipts at factory gate - Security Inward.
2.1.0 Areas
2.1.1 Security Office and Co-ordination centre
Security Supervisor
Executive - Security.
5.1.0 Whenever the material comes from the Supplier / Manufacturer the Security Supervisor has to do the following:
5.1.1 Check the unit address on Delivery Challan / Invoice for which it belongs.
5.1.2 If our factory address on the Delivery Challan confirms, the Security Supervisor has to forward the person(s) with documents to the Executive - Warehouse for clearance to inward.
5.1.3 If material is not cleared for Inward do not allow the vehicle and material inside the premises.
5.1.4 Enter the details of receipt into the Inward register and allow the Vehicle Inside.
5.1.5 Security to check if the vehicle is having any other material not pertaining to our unit, with proper documents or not, before allowing inside for unloading material intended for this unit.
5.1.6 After making necessary entries in inward register, Security Supervisor has to put inward stamp on the back side of the Delivery Challan .
5.1.7 The above stamp to contain the Inward S.No., Date and Time with Signature of the Security Supervisor.
5.1.8 Instruct the supplier again to meet the Executive - Warehouse with documents for entering into his records.
5.1.9 Enter “Out Time” in the Register when the vehicle goes out after unloading the material.

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