Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Opening and Closing of Ware house

To lay down a procedure for Opening & closing of Raw/Packing /Finished Goods/and Engineering material Warehouses.
2.1. Raw Material / Packing Material / Finished Goods Engineering material Warehouses.
Assistant / Officer - Warehouse.
Asst.Manager - Warehouse
5.1.1 At the beginning of every working day the Warehouse Key to be taken by Assistant / Officer - Warehouse from the security by making necessary entries in Key’s Register (Maintained by -Security).
5.1.2 Security to hand over the Key to the person Authorised to draw the Raw Material / Packing Material Finished goods/ & Engineering material Warehouse keys.
5.1.3 Security to ensure the drawee signature and counter sign in the Key register.
5.1.4 In the absence of authorised person Security Officer to handover the keys to the person named by Assistant Manager - Warehouse on written request.
5.1.5 Immediately on opening the Warehouse check the log books for any transactions made during non-working hours and holidays.
5.1.6 On opening of Warehouse, Officer / Assistant - Warehouse to go round inside the Warehouse for checking any abnormalities and report to the Assistant Manager - Warehouse.
5.1.7. Before closing the Warehouse ensure all the electrical appliances are switched off such as lighting, fans, air handling units and computer. Ensure closure of all valves of purified water lines.
5.1.8 At the close of each working day the keys after locking to be handed over by Authorised person to the Security by making necessary entries in the Key register.
5.1.9 Security to counter sign the Key Register on receipt of the keys.
5.1.10 Security to keep the keys in the key rack under lock and key.
5.2 Issue of key in Case of Emergency
5.2.1 Warehouse key can be issued in emergencies by Security only when the request is made on an Internal communication mentioning the reasons for opening the Ware House. The Internal Communication to be signed by person not below the Rank of Assistant Manager. Security to inform over phone to the Assistant Manager - Warehouse /Manager – Warehouse/Plant - Manager before giving the key.
5.2.2 Opening and closing of the Warehouse in case of emergency to be done in the presence of a Security person and a third person ( other than the one opening the Warehouse) who should not be below the rank of an Officer.
5.2.3 Security to ensure that entries are made in the log book maintained at Warehouse indicating for the Warehouse was opened during non -working hours, any material drawn to be recorded for suitable action by Warehouse personnel next working day.
5.2.4 Security to inform in writing to Asst.Manager – Warehouse about the opening of Warehouse, immediately the next day morning

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