Friday, December 26, 2008


To lay down a procedure for Operation of Electric Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck.
This SOP is applicable to Raw Material Stores Electric Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck Type: EJE20, Capacity: 1500 Kg
Technical Assistant
Electrical Executive
5.1 Precautions
5.1.1 Check for any Hydraulic Oil leakages and arrest.
5.1.2 Ensure that plug is removed from the battery after charger is switched off.
5.2 Pre Start Up
5.2.1 Check for distilled water level in the cells of the battery unit and top up if necessary.
5.2.2 Check for specific gravity of the pilot cells and to be at 1240 mm of Hydrometer.
5.2.3 Ensure that battery cable connections are tight and that cell caps are dry and clean.
5.2.4 Ensure that battery plug is securely connected.
5.2.5 Check for play in the steering system.
5.2.6 Check for load carriage and fork tins are free from visible defects i.e. deformation, cracks or excessive wear.
5.2.7 Ensure that service brake and parking brake are functioning correctly.
5.3 Set Up
5.3.1 Set steering handle in straight position.
5.3.2 Set fork tins clear from the ground.
5.4 Operation
5.4.1 Insert key in the key switch and turn ‘ON’
5.4.2 Release parking brake by moving the pole handle in to the driving range.
5.4.3 Select direction with help of wing-type levers mounted on head of the steering control handle.
5.4.4 Slowly press the wing-type lever for movement of the pallet truck.
5.4.5 For lifting of fork tins press the push button which is located at the pole head for required height of fork tins
5.4.6 For lowering push the lever of the lowering valve in front direction. The lowering speed is controlled by the amount of movement applied to the valve lever.
5.4.7 Ensure that collision safe guard button should be depressed in case of emergency only.
5.4.8 For stopping the truck move the pole upwards or downwards into the braking range. when the pole is released, it will automatically move in to the upper range by spring action and stops the vehicle.
5.5 Shut Down
5.5.1 For breaking the vehicle, release pole slowly for it’s upward position.
5.5.2 Ensure that lifting equipment must be completely lowered.
5.5.3 Check for operating controls to be normal.
5.5.4 Ensure that key switch turned to the OFF.
5.5.5 Ensure disconnection of battery plug from the truck wiring.
5.5.6 Connect the battery charger leads to the truck wiring for battery charging.

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