Friday, December 26, 2008


To laydown a procedure for Operation of Hi-Reach Truck.
This SOP is applicable to Raw Material ,Secondary packing Material and Finished Goods Warehouse Hi-Reach Trucks, Capacity: 1500 Kg
Executive Warehouse / Executive Services
5.1 Precautions
5.1.1 Check for Hydraulic Oil leakage and arrest.
5.1.2 Ensure that charger plug is removed from batteries.
5.2 Pre Start Up
5.2.1 Check for distilled water level in the cells of the battery unit and top up if necessary.
5.2.2 Check for specific gravity of the pilot cells that to be 1240 mm of Hydrometer.
5.2.3 Connect truck plug to the battery plugs.
5.2.4 Select mode of truck direction with direction lever.
5.3 Set Up
5.3.1 Set the rear wheel steering in straight.
5.3.2 Set forks clear from the ground
5.4 Operation
5.4.1 Sit firmly in the driving seat.
5.4.2 Insert the key in the key switch and turn on.
5.4.3 Release parking brake by depressing the foot brake.
5.4.4 Select direction with the help of direction switch.
5.4.5 Slowly depress the roller type accelerator pedal for movement of truck.
5.4.6 For Hydraulic Operations: Lever:
Pull the lever back to lift and push the lever forward to lower. Reach Lever:
Push the lever forward to reach OUT and pull the lever back to reach IN. Tilt Lever:
Pull the lever back for backward tilt and push the lever forward for forward tilt.
5.4.7 While lifting the load drive the truck as close to the load as possible and turn the vehicles so that the forks are in line with the load.
5.4.8 Ensure that the forks are correctly spaced and conform with the width of the pallet entry.
5.4.9 Raise the forks to the required height and push the tilt lever forward until the masts are vertical.
5.4.10Drive slowly forward until the reach legs almost touch the pallet.
5.4.11Apply the parking brake and push the reach slowly forward until the forks are fully entered into the pallet.
5.4.12 Raise the fork carriage until the weight of the load is taken up.
5.4.13 Tilt the masts back and pull the reach lever back until the masts are fully retracted.
5.4.14 Lower the forks to within 6” (152 mm) of the reach legs and move the direction switch lever into the reverse position and release the parking brake.
5.4.15 Ensure that the way is clear and reverse slowly away from the stack.
5.4.16 Before reaching the truck’s destination fully release the accelerator pedal and allow the electric brake to slow down the truck..
5.5 Shut Down
5.5.1 For stopping the truck, fully release the accelerator pedal is one option for allow the electric brake slowly.
5.5.2 By pressing the foot brake pedal for quick stopping the Hi-Reach Truck.
5.5.3 Ensure that the forks are fully lowered when parking or leaving the truck.
5.5.4 Ensure that masts reached back to original position.
5.5.5 Ensure that parking brake applied.
5.5.6 Check for key switch ‘OFF’ position.
5.5.7 Check for disconnections of battery plug from the truck wiring.
5.5.8 Connect the charger leads to the truck wiring for battery charger.

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