Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Receipt of excess Raw/ Packing materials from production

To lay down a procedure for Receipt of excess Raw/ Packing Material from Production.
Raw Material, Packing Material Warehouse and Production hold area.
Assistant / Officer - Warehouse Assistant / Officer - Production.
Assistant Manager - Production and Assistant Manager - warehouse.
5.1 Excess packing material to be received with proper document through Stock Return Note (SRN) only.
5.2 Stock Return Note (SRN) contains the following details.
A) S.No
B) Date, Product and Batch No.
C) S.No of materials.
D) Code
E) Item
F) Quantity returned
G) Analytical Report No
H) Quantity Verified by signature and date.
I) Reasons for return / remarks.
5.3 Stock Return Note (SRN) to contain the signatures of Officer – Production,Quality Assurance Personnel and Assistant Manager - Production.
5.4 Material being returned has to be labeled with details of Batch No/ Analytical Report No. / Item Code / Item description.
5.5 Receive unused production returns in properly labeled and packed condition and store at specified area.
5.6 In case of Raw-material, returns to be sent to the Dispensing hold area by the Officer - Production.
5.7 In case of Raw-material, weighment should be done inside the Dispensing room and signed by the Assistant / Officer - Warehouse and countersigned and checked by the Dispensing Officer - Production.
5.8 In case of primary packing material verify the quantity by Weight and No. of Rolls.
5.9 In case of secondary packing material verify the quantity by counting.
5.10 Sign the Stock Return Note (SRN) for quantity received.
5.11 Enter the transaction in SAP.
5.12 Stock Return Note (SRN) material to be issued during the next immediate requirement from Production.

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