Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shortage and damage intimation/Disposal procedure for Insurance claim

To lay down a procedure for intimation of shortages and damages of Incoming Goods.
This SOP is applicable to all Warehouses of Formulations Units.
Assistant /Officer - Warehouse.
Asst.Manager - Warehouse
5.1 If any shortage or damage in incoming Goods found, the same has to be mentioned on the Delivery Challan before acknowledging the receipt.
5.2 The damages should be checked in presence of Quality Assurance personnel / the supplier / transporter.
5.3 If the damage is on the outer container / packing the same should be changed in presence of Quality Assurance
5.4 Shortages has to be indicated in Goods Received Note and inward actual quantity received and inform the same with in 24 hrs to the Purchase Department.
5.5 If the consignment is extensively damaged and Quality Assurance confirms not fit for receiving, do not accept and act as per Purchase Department’s advice for returning the consignment.
5.6 Partially damaged / leaking material to be stored separately in under test area.
5.7 Check material containers/packages for any leakage’s and suitable action to be taken if any leakage is observed.
5.8 Show the damaged items / short received item to the insurance surveyors as and when they come for assessment.
5.9 Hold the damaged goods till insurance company directs the action to be taken on settlement of claims.
5.10 Arrange destruction or despatch within 10 days time from the receipt of instructions from Purchase / Insurance Company.
5.11. Arrange destructions in the presence of Quality Assurance personnel if the instructions are for destructions
5.12 Provide destruction certificate to Purchase and Accounts.
5.13 In case of outside despatch provide mode of despatch details to Purchase Department.

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