Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Storage of Raw and Primary Packing Materials

To lay down a procedure for Storage of Raw and Primary Packing Materials.
This SOP is applicable to Raw Material Warehouse.
Assistant / Officer - Warehouse.
Asst.Manager – Warehouse.
5.1 All material to be stored at temperature and relative humidity as specified in
5.2 Record the temperature & R.H of Warehouse
5.3 Status label has to be affixed neatly to all material container possibly adjacent to the original Manufacturers label.
5.4 Materials should be neatly stacked on HDPE pallets and should be convenient for issue.
5.5 Clear PVDC films are to be stored in cool rooms.
5.6 Load on each pallet should be moderate and not exceed 500 kgs. Stack the material properly and uniformly on pallets.
5.7 Materials should not be protruding outside the pallets.
5.8 Arrangement of materials on pallets should be convenient for physical checking and counting.
5.9 Do not stack or block the gangways.
5.10 Materials such as Starch bags / purified Talc / Magnesium stearate should be covered with polythene bags and stored, to avoid contamination.
5.11 Undertest materials to be stacked in undertest area only.
5.12 Approved material to be stacked in approved area only.
5.13 Rejected material to be stacked in rejected area only.
5.14 On approval of undertest material,after affixing the approved label shift the material to approved area .
5.15 On Rejection of undertest material,after affixing the rejected label
shift the material to rejected area.
5.16 Follow the storage conditions of materials as recommended by Formulations Research and Development Department.

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