Tuesday, July 14, 2009


1. Objective:

To lay down a Standard Operating Procedure for Labeling Machine

2. Scope:

This procedure provides a Standard method of operation and handling of the Labeling Machine.

3. Responsibility:

¯ Operator.

¯ Senior Chemist.

¯ Head - Production.

4. Procedure:

4.1. Check and make sure that Line clearance is duly checked and signed by QA Personal as per SOP No: P/P/043.

4.2. Clean the machine with soft cloth.

4.3. Wash the Gum pot with 0.5% (v/v) Teepol solution followed by raw water.

4.4. Stick the Stereo’s with appropriate details like Batch. No., Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, and MRP on the printing master by means of the Gum tape.

4.5. Feed Ampoules/Vials on the Feeding Hopper, labels on the label Box and Gum in the Gum pot.

4.6. Spread Printing ink in the Ink roller. Switch on the Machine.

4.7. Hopper Roller transfers the Ampoules/Vials to be labeled from the Feeding Hopper to the Guide.

4.8. At the same time label master picks up the gum from the Gum pot and label from the label box. After that stereo’s will print the details on the label from the label master and leave in the pin.

4.9. The transferred Ampoules/Vials from the Guide take the printed label from the pin and gets pasted to it and leave on the Unscrambler through conveyor belt.

4.10. After completion of the labeling, dismantle the Glue pot, Gum roller, Ink printing roller.

4.11. Soak the Glue pot in 0.5% (v/v) Teepol solution, wash the Gum roller with DM water. Clean the printing roller with Iso propyl alcohol / Thinner.

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