Wednesday, July 8, 2009


To lay down a standard procedure for Bubble Point Test.
This procedure provides a standard guidelines to validate the membrane by performing the Bubble Point test.
Senior Chemist.
Head - Production.
4.1.Check and make sure that the area is clean & free from the previous product and any other materials related to previous products.
4.2.Fill the distilled water in the bubble point apparatus which has been autoclaved.
4.3.Connect the Nitrogen tube with the Bubble point apparatus and outlet of the Bubble point apparatus to the membrane holder.
4.4.Pass the Nitrogen in the Bubble point apparatus to pump the water to membrane holder. The filtered water gets collected in the collection tank.
4.5.After completion of filtration, dip the Nitrogen tube in collection tank and observe for the bubbles.
4.6.If any air bubble was found at less than the pressure level mentioned below. It is concluded that the membrane fails in bubble point test and cannot be used for the filtration of solution.
0.22µ membrane¬ - 40 psi.
0.45µ membrane - 25 psi.

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