Tuesday, July 14, 2009


1. Objective:

To lay down a standard procedure for Filtration of Solution

2. Scope:

This procedure provides a standard method of Filtration of Solution.

3. Responsibility:

¯ Senior Chemist.

¯ Head - Production.

4. Procedure:

4.1. Check and make sure that the area is clean & free from the previous product and any other materials related to previous products.

4.2. Wash and Autoclave the Membrane holder.

4.3. Place the membrane followed by 2-20 m prefilter in the 293mm membrane holder.

4.4. Connect the Nitrogen tube to the pressure vessel.

4.5. Connect the inlet and outlet tube of the membrane holder with pressure vessel and collection vessel respectively which has been already autoclaved.

4.6. Fill the solution to be filtered in the pressure vessel and pass the Nitrogen at the pressure of 3 to 4 kgs/cm2 in the pressure vessel which will pump the solution to the membrane holder.

4.7. The solution will come out and enters into the membrane assembly and then get filtered through membrane.

4.8. The filtered solution gets collected in the collection vessel.

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