Sunday, December 6, 2009


1.0 PURPOSE :-

To outline precautions to be taken while inserting glass rod/tube in rubber tubing, rubber bung

or cork during laboratory work.


2.1 Ensure that the glass tube end is ground smooth or rounded smooth.

2.2 Choose the rubber tubing to fit glass connection snugly with the end of the tube cut at an angle so that it will stretch easily. In case of bung or cork, make sure to select the correct bore So that insertion can be made without excessive strain.

2.3 Wet the glass tube an rubber tube, bung or cork with water or glycerine.

2.4 Hold rubber tube/bung between the thumb and index finger, not in palm of hand.

2.5 Grasp the glass tube close to the end which is to fit into the rubber tube or bung and push it in with an even pressure using a steady but gentle rotating motion.

2.6 Wear leather or cotton gloves or wrap a towel around the palms and fingers of the hands holding glass tubing.

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