Friday, December 11, 2009


1.0 PURPOSE :-

To enumerate a few guidelines for good house keeping at place of work.

Explanation : Good housekeeping is very essential for health and safety. Effective

housekeeping helps to create orderly and healthy working conditions.


2.1 Keep clean and in order the work area and the equipment handled.

2.2 Keep floors dry by washings off and cleanings spillage of oil, chemicals etc. Dipose

of oil rages, old paint cans and containers that have held flammable solvents, which are a

fire hazard.

2.3 Deposit garbage, wastes, scraps etc. in appropriately marked containers.

2.4 Clean broken lass with a broom and pan. Broken pieces of glass must be picked up

from the floor by using a wet cloth and never with bare hands.

2.5 Keep tools clean and store them in their proper places when not in use.

2.6 Do not overcrowd your work table and make it difficult to work.

2.7 Be careful to clean up the work place after finishing a job. It is preferable to clean

up the work place after finishing a job. It is preferable to clean up after every stage of

work / operation. Work / operation. Pick up tripping hazards such as nuts, bolts, nails,

pieces of pipe etc., and dispose them off in waste containers.

2.8 Keep all gangways, fire doors, exits and star-case from obstructions. Make certain

that all fire fighting equipment are readily accessible.

2.9 Keep floors clean and in good repair.

2.10 Store material in an orderly manner.

2.11 Clean laboratory work benches of all unwanted reagents and chemicals, label

clearly all bottles and containers.

2.12 Keep your lockers clean and avoid keeping soiled clothing, dangerous materials,

perishable eatables etc. in them.


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