Monday, December 28, 2009


1.0 PURPOSE :-

To provide guidelines to handle materials within the factory premises and certain minimum precautions required to be observed when handling and transporting materials.


All materials, particularly those known to be hazardous, should be handled according to laid down safety procedures as specified by the manufactures or suppliers to avoid accidents and minimise health hazards. The Guidelines here cover care to be exercised during transfer of flammable solvents and corrosive or toxic materials from tanker vehicles to storage tanks, transportation of such materials to process area, movement and handing of materials at various stages of production.


For handling tanker loads.

2.1 Provide approved grounding (earthing ) system when flammable material is involved. Ensure earthing wires are attached and coupled with the outlet tanker valve and inlet hose-pipe of the receiving storage tank. Allow sufficient time for accumulated charge to drain before starting transfer operation.

Minimise static electricity build-up potential when handling flammable solvents.

2.2 Storage tanks must be grounded, so also all flanges of transfer pipelines must be provided with jumper-wires when handling/transferring of flammable solvents.

2.3 Transfer pump must be earthed.

2.4 Inspect all hoses, couplings and fittings for cleanliness. Replace deteriorated/corroded parts.

2.5 Install fire-alarm facility near the unloading site.

1.1 Provide a deluge-type safety shower when handling corrosives.

1.2 Provide suitable fire – extinguishers, sand or other suitable spill absorbing materials in the nearby area.

1.3 Where required provide personal protective equipment for handling acids, caustics and such other hazardous materials.

1.4 Prepare an emergency action plan to handle any emergency likely to arise due to spillage of such materials during unloading / transfer of materials.

1.5 Label all tanks, transfer pipes to reveal their contents. Do not use common hose-pipe or transfer-pumps or transfer lines.

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