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This procedure is provide a documented procedure and this procedure is Labelling and Packing department of production in Operation and Cleaning Process.
This procedure is applicable to procedure of Operation and Cleaning of Packing Line in packing department at Vital Healthcare.
It is responsible for production chemist / packing supervisor.
4.1 Pre Start Up
a) When same batch of the same product is to be continued from the previous shift.
b) Ensure that the packing material of the same batch is kept near the line.
c) When new pack of the same batch No. or new batch No. of same product or different product is to be taken on the packing line.
d) Physically check the cleanliness of the packing line as per the packing line clearance.
e) Record the previous product batch details and next product batch details in the space specified.
f) Get the line clearance checked by production supervisor and cleared by Quality Assurance supervisor and file in Batch Packing Record.
g) Arrange the tote box containing printed materials and pellets containing other packing components near the packing line.
4.2 Start Up
a) Switch “ON” the main electric supply.
b) Switch “ON” the packing belt.
4.3 Operation
Start feeding the material to be packed on the belt and continue the packing.
4.4 Shut Down
a) Stop feeding the material to be packed on the line.
b) Switch “OFF” the plug line.
c) Switch “OFF” the main electric supply.
4.5 Cleaning Procedure
A) End of the shift.
i) Clean the packing belt, side table and end tables.
ii) Clean the drive below belt to remove any material trapped in the drive or belt.
iii) Keep the packing to material and containers of product in proper place with status label.
iv) Send the rejected strips or blisters to the process area through the material entry air lock with status label.
v) Count the wastage of printed material during packing at the end of the shift and destroy than. Record the wastage and quantity of good packed material.
vi) Remove date, shift and packer code stores from the drum of shipper code.
B) Batch / Product / Pack Change Over
i) Remove the left over material from the packing line after affixing the status label.
ii) Remove the BOPP tape from the carton sealing machine. If tape to be used for the next product is different.
iii) Clean the packing line and ensure that none of the remnants is stuck any where on packing line.
iv) Ask the house keeping person to clean the surrounding floor.
5.1 Enter the operating and cleaning details in “Labelling Machine Operation and Cleaning Log Book”.
5.2 For any problem or deviation report to APM.
PRD/ XXX / R / 03 / 03 Machine Operation and Cleaning Log Book.
PRD/XXX/O/O3/01 SOP for Line Clearance.
After two years or when procedure is changed.

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