Monday, July 19, 2010


1.0 Preferred room temperature should be around 25°C.

2.0 Fix all the fingers of the dryer bag securely to the apex which must be earthed. Do not patch up the tom bag by a synthetic cloth. It is dangerous from electrostatic hazard point of view.

3.0 Check that the bowl is free of a metal piece. The frictional spark could be externally dangerous. Lift the bowl pneumatically.

4.0 Check that all the detachable parts of the dryer are properly earthed.

5.0 Start the dryer, if there exists any discontinuity electrically the interlocking would not actuate starting of the dryer. Do not make short cuts by isolating the safety device.

6.0 Run the dryer for 15 minutes with cold air only. Start heating of air by hot water / steam only.

7.0 Monitor fluidization of the batch and maintain specified temperature of air inlet and outlet.

8.0 Beware of the hazard due to sharp pointed spikes hanging in the expansion chamber while cleaning dryer from inside. Use helmets while cleaning. Use only flame proof torch whenever necessary. Keep the area clean and free of chemical dust.

9.0 Use hand gloves, dust mask and goggle while shoveling the batch, charging and discharging of the dryer.

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