Saturday, July 24, 2010


Check the blender status.

It shall be clean and ready for use.

In case it is not clean, get the same cleaned and ready for use.

1.0 If the materials required for a batch are dispensed from a central dispensary, all the weighed materials should be collected as one batch per pallet (wherever possible.) The pallet should be clean and no material should be received in dirty containers or in the original containers of the suppliers.

2.0 Each raw material from the central dispensary should be weighed to verify the gross weight indicated by the dispensing depat1ment.

3.0 Any discrepancies in the weight should be suitably rectified.

4.0 The weights should be recorded on the manufacturing sheets and countersigned by the supervisor.

5.0 If the materials are dispensed from the stores, they should be weighed on appropriate scales with adequate capacity and sensitivity (see document entitled Weighing of Materials ).

6.0 It must be ensured that materials in their original or other containers are not contaminated by the measuring and dispensing devices such as scoops, spoons, etc. Each material should be handled by means of its own dispensing device; all such equipment used for handling the materials should be cleaned immediately after each use and kept aside covered in plastic.

7.0 All materials should be weighed into clean, tared and labeled containers, The balance of material not dispensed should be returned to the bulk stock.

8.0 Weighed materials should be transferred to the blending area which should be separate from the weighing area.

9.0 The ingredients for the batch should be added to the mixer through suitable sieve, if needed. After the addition is over, the blender shall be covered.

10 Operate the blender for the rquired time at required rpm.

11 Check the speed of the rotor .

12 After the required blending has been achieved, stopp the blender.

13 Remove the contents manually or by tilting into clean polythene bags.

14 Clean the blender to remove all residues.Cover it with Polythene Cover

For next operation.

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