Monday, July 5, 2010

SOP :Basket Centrifuge


Filterable products are separated in a perforated basket. The liquid/solid slurry is introduced into the rotating body of the centrifuge via a feed pipe. The centrifugal force pushes the slurry to the side, forcing the liquid through the perforations in the basket while the solids are retained within by means of a fine screen or cloth.

The remaining solids (cake) can then be washed and spun at higher Cs to achieve a relatively dry cake. The resultant cake is then discharged through the bottom of the basket by means of a single motion plow mechanism.

  1. Install a clean filter bag
  2. Securing the lid
  3. Connect the three process lines on the cover,
  4. Start the centrifuge.
  5. Adjust the machine speed via the speed controller.
  6. When the tachometer indicates that the machine is at feed speed, the process slurry is introduced into the rotating bowl.
  1. Solid particulate accumulates in a uniform ring on the bowl’s inside diameter while liquid filters through the porous solid cake and exits the centrifuge discharge outlet.
  2. When the solids holding space is completely full, the feed is stopped, the washing cycle is started and adjusted to a higher speed to obtain the dryest cake possible.
  3. At the end of the cycle, the centrifuge is stopped and the filter bag with the solids is removed.


Use interchangeable solid or perforated baskets appropriately.

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