Tuesday, July 6, 2010


1.0 Procedures

a) Before Starting the Engine ,ensure the generator is set up for the correct voltage, Check owners operation manuals and wiring diagrams for the correct hook ups prior to starting the generators.

b) Ensure the generator output breaker is in the OPEN position.

c) Never start or stop a generator with the output breaker in the CLOSED position.

d) Check all liquid levels of the diesel engine: water, oil, fuel. Add any fluid if required.

e) Ensure the generator, radiator, and control cabinet louvers are open for proper air flow across the engine and generator.

f) While performing the generator checks, wear work gloves and safety shoes. When checking the battery, or adding water to it wear acid resistant gloves and safety goggles. Check Generator Voltage and Phase Rotation

g) Start the generator and check the generator voltage(all phases), cycles, and phase rotation. Adjust voltage with "Voltage Adjustment Knob", located on the control cabinet. d) If required, check phase rotation of generator and load.

h) Secure the generator.

i) Connect the generator to the load. Observe the phase rotation. Use proper bending and lifting techniques when handling cables.

Wear safety shoes and work gloves. Put on hearing protection when generator is running. When checking phase rotations if the voltage is greater than 300 volts, then personnel doing the checks will wear coveralls, hood,insulating rubber gloves and sleeves, safety glasses, safety shoes, and hard hat.

Close the generator output breaker in accordance with generator operation manuals.:

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