Tuesday, August 3, 2010


1.0              Define the inventory of Old Data
-          Computer system where the data is located.
-          Format of data.( Text, Graphics).
-          Data Volume (MB, GB).
-          Identify the Raw Data Formats used.
-          Identify the different files and their contents.

2.0              Define the Importance of Data
-          Archiving is compulsory under regulatory requirements.
-          Data will need reanalysis / Recomputing in future.
-          Data is required very often by many users.

3.0              Define the Old and New Computer System involved in Data Migration.
-          Hard Disc Capacity.
-          A/D Device Used.
-          Operating System Used.
-          Associated Softwares, their vendor and versions.
-          RAM

4.0              Experimental
Select the critical files from the old computer and migrate the same to new computer system and check the result.


The entire data was identified by its File Number, format, and Volume. The critical text and values were underlined.
After migration, all documents were checked for correctness by designated persons. There were no change in formatting and Volume. The critical values, graphs were not affected by any means. The transfer was complete in respect of raw data, meta data, and processed data. The data can be accurately archived and processed on new system and the results are within the limits as specified during the original computation.

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