Monday, September 26, 2011


1.    Objective:
To lay down a procedure to govern the Hygienic Condition of the Factory.
2.    Scope:
This procedure provides detailed guidelines about Hygiene for Employees to be followed inside the Pharmaceutical Factory.
3.    Responsibility:
?  Head – QA
?  Head – Administration.
4.    Procedure:
4.1   Food and drinks must not be consumed in the manufacturing area.
4.2   Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the factory.
4.3   Food, and drinks  material should not be stored in the manufacturing area.
4.4   Protective clothing pockets should not be used for storing food.
4.5   Staff should be trained to keep work area clean and uncluttered.
4.6   They should clean all items from one job before starting another.
4.7   Staff should keep their lockers in clean and tidy condition.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


1.    Objective:
To lay down a procedure to govern the Personal Cleanliness of the Employees.
2.    Scope:
This procedure provides detailed guidelines for Employees before entering into a Pharmaceutical Factory.
3.    Responsibility:
?  Head – QA.
?  Head – Administration.
4.    Procedure:
4.1  All employees should come to factory only after taking bath.
4.2  Nails should be clipped regularly.
4.3  Employees should be trained to wash their hands with disinfectant soap while coming back from the toilet to department.
4.4  All male staff should be instructed not to grow long hairs and also to avoid growing beard. (If they are growing beard they should wear beard mask before entering manufacturing and packing area).
4.5  All female staff should be instructed not to wear jewels such as bracelets, pendants, ring etc. and also should put minimum make up.  They also should wear cap by covering all hair & should not have flowers in their hair.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Health of the Employees


To lay down a procedure to govern the Health of the Employees.


This procedure provides a detailed account on, as how to conduct a General routine Health check up in a Pharmaceutical Factory.


 Head – QA

 Head – Administration.


4.1 Employees working in a Pharmaceutical factory should be free from contagious diseases.

4.2 Medical examination should be done annually by a registered Medical practitioner. There should be a pre-employment medical check up followed by annual check-up.

4.3 People working in visual checking section should be checked for the eye test.

4.4 People working in lab should be checked for colour blindness.

4.5 People should be insisted to give fitness certificate if they are joining after medical leave.

4.6 Employee should be encouraged to report voluntarily if they are suffering from contagious diseases.

4.7 Employee should inform any contagious disease prevailing in their home or surroundings.

4.8 People with open wounds, cuts etc. should not work in manufacturing area.

4.9 Supervisors, staffs also should report to the management if anybody working in their department is suffering from contagious diseases.