Sunday, September 25, 2011


1.    Objective:
To lay down a procedure to govern the Personal Cleanliness of the Employees.
2.    Scope:
This procedure provides detailed guidelines for Employees before entering into a Pharmaceutical Factory.
3.    Responsibility:
?  Head – QA.
?  Head – Administration.
4.    Procedure:
4.1  All employees should come to factory only after taking bath.
4.2  Nails should be clipped regularly.
4.3  Employees should be trained to wash their hands with disinfectant soap while coming back from the toilet to department.
4.4  All male staff should be instructed not to grow long hairs and also to avoid growing beard. (If they are growing beard they should wear beard mask before entering manufacturing and packing area).
4.5  All female staff should be instructed not to wear jewels such as bracelets, pendants, ring etc. and also should put minimum make up.  They also should wear cap by covering all hair & should not have flowers in their hair.