Tuesday, October 18, 2011


1.    Objective:
To lay down a procedure to govern the Sanitation by cleaning and disinfecting
2.    Scope:
This procedure provides detailed guidelines about the Sanitation to be followed inside the Pharmaceutical Factory by cleaning and disinfecting.
3.    Responsibility:
01       Head – QA
02       Head – Administration.
4.    Procedure:
4.1.1    Any spillage of material must be cleaned up as it occurs.  Powders must not be removed by sweeping but by suction using a vacuum cleaner followed by wet mopping.
  4.1.2  The tracking of powder from one area to another, particularly in the corridors, caused by the operator’s footwear can be minimized by using mats against which the footwear should be brushed.  The mats should be washed and dried everyday.
4.1.3    At the end of the day or of a work shift, the floors and wall ledges of machine cubicles should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.  The use of a broom for removing powders should be discouraged.  The floors of large areas and corridors should be cleaned with hot water containing a cleaning agent.  The floors should then be dried.
 4.1.4 When different products are manufactured in the same area, the entire area should be first vacuum cleaned.  Thereafter the floor, walls and ceilings, should be mopped with hot water containing a cleaning agent and finally all the surfaces should be dried.
4.1.5    It would be advisable to disinfect the floor, walls and ceilings to prevent mould growth, particularly when vitamin and other growth promoting products are being handled.
4.1.6    Special attention should be paid to cleaning and disinfection during the monsoon, when the chances of mould and fungus growth are very high.

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