Friday, October 21, 2011


1.    Objective:
To provide a standard cleaning procedure of  Blister packing machine and its accessories.
2.    Scope:
2.1      This procedure covers dismantling, cleaning of Blister packing machine and its accessories.
2.2      Provides cleaning procedure if the cleaning validity not exceed 48 hours.
3.    Responsibility:
?  Operator.
?  Chemist.
?   Production Manager.
?  Q.A. Manager.
4.    Procedure:
4.1      Switch off the mains, close the air valve.
4.2      Dismantle the hopper, feeding channel, guide track, vibrator bowls, sealing & forming heater, sealing and forming roller, cutting tools main gear. Dismantle the printing gear, printing stereo’s/embossing letters from the cutting tools or BCP (Batch Code Printing) unit.
4.3      Wipe the printing roller and photosensitive unit with IPA. Wash the forming and sealing roller by raw water with high pressure.
4.4      Wipe the forming & sealing heater with liquid paraffin.
4.5      Wipe the all machinery parts with clean white wet cloth and then with dry cloth, which is free from fiber. Assemble the dismantled accessories.

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