Saturday, October 29, 2011


1.    Objective:
To provide standard cleaning procedure of Compression Machine & its accessories.
2.    Scope:
2.1      This procedure covers dismantling cleaning and assembling of Compression Machine & its accessories.
2.2      Provides cleaning procedure if the cleaning validity not exceed 48 hours.
3.    Responsibility:
¯  Operator.
¯  Chemist.
¯  Production Manager.
¯  Q.A.Manager.
4.    Procedure:

4.1      Dismantle the hopper, feed frame, upper & lower punches and dies.

4.2      Wash the hopper, feed frame & body cover with raw water followed by 0.5%v/v Teepol solution and finally rinse with DM water.

4.3      Wipe all the parts with wet cloth and then with dry cloth.

4.4      Clean the turret, weight adjustment screw, lower & upper punches with kerosene.

4.5      Wipe the tarret with wet absorbance cotton and squeeze the water .Send it to Quality Assurance for checking the presence of any residual moiety.

4.6      Assemble the dismantled accessories after the approval of QA.

4.7      Put the status label as “Cleaned” with Date and Time.

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