Sunday, October 2, 2011


1.    Objective:
To lay down a procedure to govern the Protective clothing of the Employees.
2.    Scope:
This procedure provides detailed guidelines about Protective clothing to be followed inside the Pharmaceutical Factory by the Employees.
3.    Responsibility:
?  Head – QA
?  Head – Administration.
4.    Procedure:
4.1   No person should enter manufacturing area wearing street cloths.
4.2   They should wear over – alls, caps, mask and gloves wherever necessary and enter manufacturing area.
4.3   Protective clothes should not be worn while going outside the factory.
4.4   Protective clothes should be clean at all times and should be changed regularly after frequent laundering (at least twice in a week).
4.5   Clothing should be worn correctly.   Where button are provided, they should be fastened.
4.6   Care should be taken to ensure that the headgear covers the hair completely. Beards should be covered completely.
4.7 It is advised to go for in-house laundry.

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Dr.R.D.Patro said...

You can also provide procedure for Gowning & De gowning.