Sunday, January 31, 2016


Objective          :            To  implement & lay down procedure for operation and cleaning of planetary mixer.

Accountability :            Section Incharge, QA

Responsibility  :            Operator


OPERATION: (Assuring that all the parts have been cleaned)
1.      Set the tank with the help of lever provided for the same.
2.      Set the stirrer in the groove intended for.
3.      Adjust the height of the tank with the help of the lever.
4.      Add the materials in the tank in the order and quantities mentioned in the master formula.
5.      Heat if so desired as per the master formula.
6.      Switch on the mains and stir the contents for the time and speed as mentioned in the master formula.
7.      After completion of the process ask the Q.A. personnel to collect the sample for bulk analysis.
1.      The mains electrical switch of the machine is to be switched off.
2.      Fill the planetary mixer vessel with hot process water and switch on the machine to remove the sticky material. Switch off the machine and clean with the help of scrubber or brush.
3.      Empty the vessel repeat the process in step 2 with 0.1% Teepol solution till complete removal the sticky material.
4.      The machine cleaned with 0.1% Teepol solution is followed by cleaning with process water till complete removal of detergent.
5.      Now rinse the mixer 3 times with purified water (wash water sample).

6.      Sent the wash water sample to the QCD for checking for any residual content from previous Wash.. If wash water analysis result is positive for the presence of residual from the previous batch repeat from step 3. If result is negative wipe and dry all the parts with lint free cloth and stick the label “Ready for use”. 

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